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Trowa and Quatre

Now, if Trowa and Quatre aren't great together, no one is. Trowa Barton and Quatre Rababera Winner come from Gundam Wing. They are the most obvious couple there, and my introduction into the wide world of male/male couples. A lot of people see HeeroXDuo. I don't. I just can't see Heero kissing anyone. But I support anything that keeps him away from Relena!!!
I'm getting off track here. Ok, so now the basic...

Why they're such a great couple

Reason 1- Quatre obviously likes Trowa. There is no way Quatre is straight. Pink shirt, purple vest, nicely decorated home, is a musician, drinks tea out of fancy teacups, had no objection to wearing the Sanq Kingdom outfit (while Heero looked like he wanted someone to shoot him), and the fact he's got 29 sisters. Let's see...what else? "I almost wish he (Trowa) would attack. At least I'd get to see him again." "Two's always better than one!"
Reason 2- Look at all they've been through together. Ya go through a war with someone, ya kind of become attached. Reason 3- When Trowa had amneisia, I think if I remember correctly, Quatre cried. Now, there's nothing wrong with guys crying, but he was crying because of Trowa. I though it was cute. And then, Trowa returns to the whole Gundam thing because he sees Quatre and he begins to remember stuff. He goes back because of Quatre. Isn't that sweet?
Reason 4- In the last few episodes Quatre mentions things that "Trowa taught him" and vice versa.
Reason 5- They're cute together ^_^