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Angela at Anime Expo 2000!

Hola chicos y chicas! I attended the first two days of Anime Expo 2000 and had THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!! I got lotsa cool stuff, met some really nice people and just was on anime overload for two straight days! I am deffinatly going back next year. AX2k was held at the Disneyland Hotel and Convention Center. An estimated 10,000 people showed up for this! It was very crowded but VERY worth it ^_^ Let's start with Friday, shall we?

3:45 am- Alarm goes off, and I get ready to leave to make the drive to Anaheim for Anime Expo. Huzzah! *no there is no pic of my happy self... I woulda destroyed my camera*
4:00 am- After I realize my stupid cat lost her stupid bell, I'm off! And I fall asleep in the car listening to some talk radio.
5:00 am- First gas stop....I remember why I hate truck stop restrooms as there is a nice happy leak in the roof. I run back to the car and eat breakfast- Banana and Orange juice.
6-9:45- This part is kinda blank because we were just driving along the road. I found a radio station that was playing a ton of music that I liked, so much to my mom's disliking, we listen to it all the way to Anaheim ^_^
9:50 am- I change into my Kiki costume. I'm so proud. I made it myself! I also have a little snack- Pizza Goldfish Crakcers
10:00 am- I'm in line for my registration. They gave us all sorts of neat stuff like this program
11:00 am- Time for opening ceremonies! A lot of the guests were very funny! Even my mom was laughing! Rica Fukami (the voice of Sailor Venus) was probably the best. That poor translator... VENUS STAR POWER! MAKE UP! ^_^
11:30-12- Waiting in line for my AX2k t-shirt. Utena. My fave series. It's an extreimly cool shirt!
12:00 pm- Exhibit hall STILL hasn't opened so I go and watch the first episode of Magic Knight Rayearth 2, see the line already forming for Escaflowne and decide not to see the movie ^_^
12:30-4:00 pm- EXHIBIT HALL! Shopping for four people! year my friends are coming with me so I don't have to shop for them...all that time in the hall and I STILL wasn't finished...hee hee
4: something pm- Nakazawa panel. Mr. Nakazawa was the director of El Hazzard and also the director for Tenchi in Tokyo. (Shin Tenchi Muyo) He also did some directing on a new series called Black Heaven, but as he put it "I only directed the first half of the 8th episode, so that's the only part you should watch" He was funny.
5:30 pm- The best panel! Kunhiko Ikuhara and Chiho Saito! Here's a pic from where I was sitting Mr. Ikuhara was hilarious, with a serious side, and Ms. Saito was very cute and sweet! They discussed mostly Utena, and why they did what they did for the movie, such as character design changes. Mr. Ikuhara responded "Well...I wanted to turn the characters into cars..." another one was "Who came up with Chu-chu" Ms. Saito: It's not my fault! The panel was a great one, and I was very fortunate to win an autograph from both of them the next day! YAY!
Friday Cosplayers Zechs Merquise. Nicely done costume! WITH THE GOOSE MASK!
Heero Yuy and Lady Une. Her Lady Une costume was PERFECT! She even had the little bows in her hair! Heero's a hottie ^.^()
Utena Great costume. i let her slide on the pink hair because Utena was originally blone. But the costume was made VERY nicely. I want to make one!
Touga and Nanami! And lookie! Unintentionally I got movie version Utena and Anthy in the BG! 2 birds with one stone!
Jessie and Brock Oooh...James is gonna be pissed....but the guy who was Brock squinted for me! Tee hee! ^_^
Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Neptune Shoppin' in the exhibit hall!
9:30 am- I figure out how to get into my Sailor Mercury costume Nice huh? Credit to my mom. Another shot
10:00 am- I'm now in line for my autgraph session with Mr. Ikuhara and Ms. Saito (I don't think I mentioned that Mr. Ikuhara also directed the Sailor Moon TV Series) but I got their autographs! Kunhiko Ikuhara Chiho Saito And I got a nice pic of the both of them lookie! And Ms. Saito thought my Sailor Mercury costume was "Very Cute!" she said it in English to which I said "Arigato", giggled and ran out the door! God, I'm such a dofus...
11:30 am- I went and watched Gundam Wing episode 2 subititled and really liked it. (I'm so used to the dub) and then off to the exhibit hall for some cleanup shopping
12-2:00- Shopping...then I met up with Mehgan who I met in line for the autograph and we went to wait in line 2 hours for the Utena Movie! She was so nice! 4:00-6:00 UTENA MOVIE!!!!! Lookit this nice shot before the movie where I was sitting Nice seat, huh?
6:30- I bid Farewell to Anime Expo...until next year!

SATURDAY COSPLAYERS Duo This Duo's hat said Duo Maxwell Sweeper Group! Lookit that cool Deathscythe Hell Custom model!
More Sailor Senshi! Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Venus disguised as Sailor Moon! Cool!
Sailor Saturn Me and this Sailor Saturn kept running into each other so I got a pic ^_^
Miki! This Miki was so proud of his costume. Right rose color, right sword...AND THE STOPWATCH!

Stuff I bought!
Treize Khushrenada Pencil board with *gag gag* Wufei. Hey, it has Treize's "sexy neck" (inside joke)
Gundam Wing Operation 1 cd
My chibi Deathscythe model. The only time I have ever used the words "cute" and "Deathscythe" together.
Awww....'tis my cute little stuffed Articuno ^_^ 5 bucks! What a deal!
Utena CD
Heh heh... Guess what I'm using as an assignment book this year...
I got tons of other stuff. But it was too big to fit in the scanner or didn't look good scanned. I got a Gundam Wing poster, an Utena Movie wallscroll, a big poster with a bunch of chibied anime characters on it, and some pins for my backpack. I got a Treize pin, a Heero pin, and a Kero (from Card Captor Sakura) pin.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my AX report! Next year will be better, I assure you!


4 Anime filled days at the Long Beach Convention Center
1 Rental SUV
2 Hotel Rooms
1 Costume each day
5 crazed anime loving High School Girls

Let the Fun Begin...July 5-8...Long Beach, CA...

Angela's Planned Costumes
Day 1- Heero Yuy (Costume complete)
Day 2- Yuffie Kisaragi (Costume 10% done)
Day 3- Dilandau (Costume planning complete)
Day 4- Undecided. Tossing between Ohtori Academy uniform and Yukito

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