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Completed Costumes

Hi! This is what I have done so far.

Jessie- Pokemon

This is the first anime costume I did. Looking back, I'm not happy with how it turned out. But I only wore it for Halloween 1999 and at various Pokemon tournaments. I hated the wig and if I wear the costume, I don't wear the wig with it. *shrugs* also the boots are gone. It really was a bad costume. Fun, but badly done. I may attempt it again in the future

~~~~~AX 2000~~~~~

Kiki-Kiki's Delivery Service

This costume was absolutly adorable! I made the dress and the bow myself. I wore this on the first day of Anime Expo 2000. The shoes were fun. They're cloth slip ons colored with Magic Marker ^_^() but still, I'm a huge Miyazaki fan and that's why this is one of the costumes I chose to do. It was also worn my Jessica at halloween and homecoming 2000.

Sailor Mercury-Sailor Moon

This is my favorite costume out of the three. My mom helped with this one. I wore it second day of AX and also for halloween and homecoming. I've recieved many compliments on it including someone saying I was the best Sailor Mercury they'd ever seen and also "Angela, that costume would look stupid on anyone else, but it is SOOO cute on you!" It also got a "Very Cute" from Ms. Chiho Saito, manga artist for Revolutionary Girl Utena. No modesty here. I'm proud of this costume.

~~~~~AX 2001~~~~~

Schuldig- Weiss Kruez

It was sheer luck that I did this costume. I originally was going to finish my Meyrl costume, but I ran into the PERFECT Schu coat at Marshall's for 16 dollars. Then I found the wig, headband and sunglasses. I couldn't pass up to chance to do this and next to Sailor Mercury, this is the BEST costume I have ever done. (I got glomped....seriously glomped)

Yuffie Kisaragi- Final Fantasy VII

I loved this costume. I really did. Did meaning it fell apart. I was so sad! The leg thing was perfect, just not sturdy enough to support a day of walking. It turned out really cute and complimented my friend's Vincent cosutme. By the way, the sheild was a fan blade, a pant leg, another part of a fan and a drain stopper. Creative, ne? I may fix this costume one day.

Heero Yuy- Gundam Wing

Talk about your zero effort costume (no pun intended). I had this baby done even before I'd SEEN Gundam Wing. I mean, who does have black spandex shorts, boots and a green tank top? Still, it was fun as the afforementioned Vincent friend went as Duo. I smell Yaoi pose! ANGELA LUVS YAOI!!

Well that's it for costumes I have completly done so far. Hope ya liked.