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Hosted by ME! Angela! me, Kahmelon the one and only Sephiroth and myself, Vincent.

Welcome welcome welcome to our humble little Sephiroth, Vincent and all around FFVII humor site. For the record I do NOT smile like that *kicks Sephiroth* Ignore garlic boy...hey, where's vinny? *is huddled in a corner* I don't like garlic... Ha ha, Vampy. I am not a vampire. Whatever you say, Dracula... HEY! At least I don't carry pieces of my mother around ...that hurt *cries* YOU'RE MEAN! ANGELA! VINCENT'S BEING MEAN!... ... ... What!? DON'T YOU BELEIVE ME? No. Now stop being mean to poor Vinny. Yeah, why can't you be more polite like Vinny? I'm going to go make more potatoes. No garlic on mine. *grumbles and retreats to the kitchen*

Ummm...Garlic mashed potatoes?
Humor Doujinshi drawn by Angela
Sephy-weffy's little shrine DON'T CALL ME SEPHY-WEFFY!
Shrine to our loveable vampi...I mean, Vincent. I AM NOT A VAMPIRE!!!
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