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Welcome to Garlic Mashed I am your host, Angela D. Welcome to the wide gateway to whatever. Here you'll find shrines to Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon's Giovanni, Escaflowne's Dilandau and Migel, my attendance at Anime Expo (complete with cosplay information) as well as a hidden shonen-ai shrine or two ^_~ sit back and choose your destiny!

Anime obsession! Original Manga (not up yet)

Video Gaming Cosplaying fun!

Warning: This site may contain some Yaoi/Shonen-ai content. These areas are hidden areas, which means hidden links. If you stumble on one of these areas and find the idea of two male characters being in love offensive or morraly wrong, I ask that you please leave the area immediatly. I will not entertain flames from people like you. You will be wasting your time and mine if you flame me. If you enter a yaoi shrine, you have waived your right to complain. I will not take any of those shrines down. Yaoi is something I support. Not all people do and I understand this which is why this warning is written. This warning will be presented again at the entrance to such a section.

Ad Banner rant- I hate Ad Banners. Minimize the pop-up ones to get them outta your way. Unfortunatly, the one for name zero cannot be gotten rid of unless I pay 25 dollars a year now, I know you're saying "$25 a year isn't much, moron!" well, it is when you're in highschool and are low on funds. Yes, I am getting a job that could pay for it, but I have other things to spend my money on, such as anime, presents for b-days, christmas and other holidays, plushie supplies, school activities, know, the basics. I can't and nor do I want to budget 25 dollars a year into my money. Yes, it would be getting rid of ad banners here, but what it's doing is paying the ad companies. I cannot do that. The internet should not be a marketing scheme. Until I learn a pop-up link thing, live with it.

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