Gio pics!

Giovanni Pics. These were taken from the Universal Pokemon Network, Team Rocket Headquarters and The Ultimate Pokemon Anime Site. Also from our generous member , Kris and shywolf's Team Rocket Pics. Most are really small but the only ones I can find! Most of the afforementioned sites are dead now. Sad really. They were great sites.

thefirsttime we saw him!
LOOK! It's Mr. Fluffy!
Just a little TV...
I want Gio's Phone
Mr Fluffy: Well I'm not ansewring it!
Giovanni: Darn it! I knew I shouldn't have left the potato in the microwave!!
This would make a cool fake Pokemon card entitled Yell at the Minions
Humma da humma da Gio looking jumpable
Another Sitting pic
Gym Leader Giovanni. Sitting. Pointing. Yay.
Gio coming out of the Shadows. Oh, happy day!
From the card game cover
Lucky, Lucky Nyasu MewTwo... Oops. Wrong Rocket!
Most of my dreams look like this
The first out of shadow shot!
From the GB manual
From the GB game
"Well let's get started" Gary sucks...
The Classic Gio pic
From the card game Gym 2 series
Poor Mr. Fluffy!
Yay For Meowth!
From the blimp episode
I've figured the only good thing about Tracey is that there's a cool pic of Gio pointing in every ep he's in.
Once again,I want Gio's phone! (This is from the book Pokemon #5: Team Rocket Blasts Off. That's why it's Black and white!)
And now.. for your viewing pleasure... the main attraction...THE HAWAIIAN SHIRT PICS!
Full body just kicking back
Is that... it is! A bendy straw!
You deserve to relax too, Mr. Fluffy!

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