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The Book

Here it is! Gio's part in the MSB book!(Once again, I did not write this. DOn't sue me!)

A deafening noise fillled the air. Looking up, Mewtwo saw a helicopter flying overhead. The helicopter landed on the shore.

A large man in a dark suit emerged from the helicoptor. He carried a tan Pokemon that looked like an exotic cat. A Persian, Mewtwo thought, without knowing exactly how it knew.

"You're as powerful as I thought," the man said. "If you come with me, I'll show you how to use that power. Together, we can control the world."

Why should I trust a human? Mewtwo thought. But this man was different from the scientist. He said we could control the world. He knows I am more than an experiment. He knows how powerful I am. Perhaps he can help me.

"Who are you?" Mewtwo asked. "My name is Giovanni. I lead Team Rocket," the man said.

A leader. A powerful man like this would have much to offer.

Mewtwo nodded. "I will come with you."

Meowtwo climbed into the helicopter. As they flew away, the Pokemon watched the lab explose in an orange ball of fire.


Metal clamps tightened around Mewtwo's wrists and ankles.

The Poekmon was in Giovanni's lab, in a remote mountain region. The human had promised Mewtwo more power than it had ever dreamed of.

But the human had a strange plan.

"We must control your power or you will destroy the world and everything in it," Giovanni had explained. "This armor will protect your body and focus your power. If we control your power, we can use it to take over the world."

Mewtwo was reluctant at first. But Giovanni had to be smart to get where he was (Angela's note: ^_^). The human must know what he was doing. I will go along with his for now, Mewtwo thought. I will see what he does.

So Mewtwo had agreed to sit in this large metal chair. MewTwo sat calmly as the clamps tightened. Now plates of shiny silver armor emerged from the chair. They tightened around Mewtwo's arms. Its legs. Its chest. Even its head.

"You can still use your power," Giovanni said.

"What will I do with it?" Mewtwo asked. Giovanni's eyes gleamed. "You will fight!"

The Team Rocket leader pressed a silver button. A door opened. A giant Pokemon waited behind the door. It looked like a huge snake made of stone. Mewtwo's psychic powers told his that this Rock Pokemon was called Onix. Before Onix could attack, Mewtwo concentrated on sending at Psychic Blast in its direction.

Slam! The Rock Pokemon tumbled to the ground. Mewtwo had defeated it in an instant.

"Excellent," Giovanni said, stroking the Persian cat on his lap. "But we need more tests. More battles."

Each time, the Pokemon clone was victorious.

Nothing could stop it.

Mewtwo faced a herd of Tauros on an open field. The bull-like Pokemon charged at Mewtwo with their sharp horns. mewtwo focused, causing a whirlwine to spin below their feet. The wind sent the helpless Tauros flying into the air.

Mewtwo faced Alakazam, the foxlike Pokemon that some said had the strongest abilities of all Psychic Pokemon. It held two spoons, symbols of its amazing power. Alakazam didn't even have a chance to strike. Mewtwo aimed Psychic waves of blue light at Alakazam. The psychic force bent the two spoons. Alakazam was defeated.

Mewtwo faced Mageton, an Electric Pokemon made up tp three joined silver balls and powerful magnets. Magneton threw a blast of magnetic energy at Mewtwo. Mewtwo reversed the blast. The energ surronded Magneton, sending it crashing to the floor.

Not even Nidoking and Arcanine could defeat Mewtwo. Nidoking, a Poison Pokemon covered with sharp spikes, and Arcanine, an agile Fire Pokemon, charged Mewtwo at full force. A single blast of light sent the two flying into the air, defeated.

One by one, Giovanni sent Pokemon to battle Mewtwo. And one by one, Mewtwo defeated them.

At first, Mewtwo didn't mind the tests- it almost enjoyed them. But as the days went by, it began to wonder what Giovanni had in mind.

"Thell me, human," Mewtwo said. "What am I fighting for?"

Mewtwo and Giovanni were in the lab. Giovanni sat on a balcony high above the lab floor.

Giovanni looked down on Mewtwo and smiled.

"You are fighting for me, of course," Giovanni said. "Every Pokemon needs a human master."

"A human master?" Mewtwo asked. "But I thought we were going to rule the world as equals."

Giovanni laughed. "Equals? That's impossible," he said. "Humans created you. You can never be equal to us."

Mewtwo stared at Giovanni. This human wants to control me, Mewtwo thought. But look how far away from me he sits. He is afraid of me.

"You're right. I'm not a human," Mewtwo said. "And I was not born a Pokemon. I was created. And my creators have used and betrayed me."

The thought upset Mewtwo. But instantly, his sadness turned to anger.

Sparks flew from Mewtow's armor.

"I don't need a human to help me control the world," Mewtwo declared. "I can do it on my own!"

Giovanni watched in horror as Mewtwo's eyes glowed with eerie blue light. The armor flew off Mewtwo's body.

That's when Giovanni realized what had just happened.

The Pokemon's full power was unleashed!

"Humans may have created me," Mewtwo cried, "but they will never enslave me!"...

I'm gonna end it there. Mewtwo blows the lab and says something about revenge on all humans. And that's Gio's part in the book!