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Giovanni's Profile

Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket. He's also the leader of the Viridian City Gym. Duh. Not much is known about him and all the info is scattered everywhere on the web, so we at the GPS have decided to throw it all together and make a really long descripition of Giovanni! Okay, so herešs what we know. In Japan, Giovannišs name is Sakaki. Hešs known simply as "The Boss" to his employees. He's in shadows most of the time and is always accompanied by his Persian. This has led to many Giovanni/Dr. Claw therories! ^_^

EPISODES (Episode list goes in line with story. That's why I have the Evolution Solution stuff after MSB.)

The first time we see him in the Anime is in "Battle Abord the St. Anne" when he's adressing Jessie and James. He, of course, is in shadow and is stroking Persian. We then see him again in "Island of the Giant Pokemon" when Jessie and James call him. We also found out that he owns the Pokemon Theme Park "Pokeworld" and hešs ticked that thatšs destroyed. Hešs just got a little Monopoly, donšt he? We then see him in "The breeding center Secret." when he's talking to Butch and Cassidy. His mechanically screwed-up voice is a little less messed up by now, but he once again is in shadow and with Persian. His next little guest spot is in the song "Double Trouble" where he has the first line "This is the boss and I'm sick of waiting. I want Pikachu! And this time, DONšT SCREW IT UP!" he also has the line after James' where he says "youšre just the players in my maser plan" which sounds really cool. Okay. Next apperacne, the "Pokemon Masters week" Commercial where he's coming out of the shadows. They donšt use his real voice and THEY DIDN'T EVEN SHOW THE EPISODE! grrr... but the next week they did. "Battle of the Badge" for once, his voice isn't screwed up, but when we first see him, hešs sitting, in shadow with Persian. Then Gary ticks him off and he comes out and we know what he looks like. Red suit, brown hair (thinning, maybe? slicked back with hair gel, maybe? Dunno) kinda tall. Anyway, he kicks Gary's ass (using MewTwo) and we go to commercial. Then he's in his office, not in shadow, but sitting with Persian. Jessie and James show him Togepi and that ticks him off (He gets ticked rather easily) he then gets a call and goes somewhere with MewTwo. Then he does some yelling in "It's Mr. Mime Time." We see his face once again and he's with persian AND MewTwo. Next ep- MewTwo blows up TRHQ and Gio's not just ticked. He's pissed. The only thing he can mutter out is "That... thing..." he get's in a heliocopter and goes away, making us (meaning me) think he has connections. We then go through the whole history of MewTwo's time with Giovanni in MewTwo Strikes back. Giovanni was frequently mentioned when MewTwo awoke. "Quick! call Giovanni's heliocopter and tell him what happened!" was said a few times. Once when the scientists were happy, and once when they were all dying. Later we found out that he also funded the project, which means he's got cash (as if we couldn't tell. He's got a chopper, a crime organization, a really cool phone, a really fancy-shmancy gym, a Yacht, a beach house...etc.) After MewTwo blows the Lab, Gio shows up in the heliocopter (in shadow with Persian, no less!) and lures MewTwo to his side. Stuff happens that was kind of (I will regret saying this) dumb for Gio to do. 1) the armor. He gives MewTwo the armor to make him stronger. No, there's nothing wrong with that until... 2) Gio, I love you, but you NEVER tell someone that you're using them. ESPECIALLY if they have the power to blow you up. Did you forget the lab? Were you out drinking and smoking with the animators of "Pikachu's Vacation" that day? "Your purpose was to serve me." Cool line, but what were you thinking? Did you think MewTwo WOULDN'T be pissed? Wrong time to say that!!!! Fortunatly, he survived!! And then we see him in the Evolution Solution.... HAWAIIAN SHIRT!!!!!!!!! He's making Jessie, James and Meowth do stuff for him, I guess, as a punishment for destroying his gym, being incopedent, etc.


There's a lot of rumors going around that are "Giovanni is Dr. Claw". Hmmm. this is plausible. I mean, they're both in shadow, they both have cats, they both lead crime organizations, both use mechanically screwed up voices. There are too many similarities to ignore.
Also, there are many "Giovanni is Ash's father" rumors. I kinda beieve this, because I see the resemblence in the face. But, brain-wise, Ashy-washy doesn't have it. Still, there are many reasons this could be true. 1) We've never seen Ash's father, nor know what happened to him. 2) Giovanni SUDDENLY has to leave right when Ash is about to come into the gym... hmm. makes you wonder.3)Gio happens to be the only recouring character in the Pokemon Blue/Red games. A game where you're role-playing as Ash. I personally belive that if this was true, it would make an AWSOME episode. Hee hee... I shall take a quote from Spaceballs "Evil will always win because good is dumb!"


There's a Japanese Pokemon CD somewhere. I think it's called "Birth of MewTwo" or something like that. It's not the Team Rocket one. Anyway, I hear that we find out that Giovanni's MOTHER started the MewTwo project. If anyone does have and more info, it would be greatly appriciated! ^_^


There was a special recently in Japan meant as a sequel to MSB. I have a raw (japanese only) copy so honestly, I haven't the slightest idea how to sum it up other than there's this chick named Domino who's with TR and Gio's making her find Mewtwo at this place with this water that makes everyone act all drugged out (Ok ok, so it's healing water or something but they all look drugged when drinking it!) and so TR wants that and lotsa stuff blows up and Gio's in it a ton and it's really cool and there's a link to where I downloaded it in the pic section.