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Jirarudan and Lorne

Sadly, there won't be much here. I've got a fic I can put up here, but there aren't any fanart pics until I draw them. Why? Well, because this is an original pairing, and until now, Me, Ditto Jessie, Sad Mewtwo and Kahmelon are the only ones who know about it ^_^()
Jirarudan is from the second Pokemon movie "Revelation Lugia" or "Power of One" You might know him as Psycho Green Haired Collector Guy. So who's Lorne? Lorne is an original character from the TRHQ messageboard roleplays. He's young, insane, fairly bishonen-y, and very rich considering he's Giovanni's son.

To know a little bit about the pairing you have to know a little about Lorne. While Lorne is one of Giovanni's (many) offspring, his mother left Gio and took Lorne with her. Lorne had no contact with his father and was raised by his mother and his sister (DJ). It wasn't until he was older that he learned of where he really came from. He's the trainer of Articuno, which if I continue to write more fics about them, could prove important. Anyway, the only fic I have explains that he and Jiddy have been friends since they were very young.
And now...the moment you've all been waiting for...

Why they're a good couple!

Reason 1- The Legendary Bird thing. Lorne has a legendary pokemon..and as Jiraudan says in the Pokemon movie dub "Legendary Pokemon have always been my passion." meaning they've got something in common. They have lots of things in common, if you think about it. They're very similar, it's creepy.
Reason 2- They really need each other. As I hope you will read in my fic, they're very close. Each one is the other's best and only friend. They're the only ones that they can trust and understand. Lorne feels alone without Jirarudan and it's same the other way around. They don't want to be alone. They want to be with each other. When Jirarudan has to leave Lorne again, he cries because he knows how it will hurt Lorne. Lorne goes into a deep state of depression and stops eating for a long while.
Reason 3-