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Hi hi! Please link to us using these buttons! Banners coming soon provided I wanna do some. These cute little buttons feature Sephiroth, Vincent, Yuffie and Giovanni. Aren't they cute and adorable and stuff?


Had enough? Wanna get outta here? "Please, please PLEASE, Angela let me out of here," you say? Fine. Leave. See if I care =P Here are some Angela approved spiffy sites.

Anime News Service This is the best anime news site on the net. It's where I get all of my info!

Final Fantasy Freaks My absolute FAVE FINAL FANTASY SITE! It covers every FF game from IV to IX and the Rambles are to die for! Lark is one most creative people out there.

RPGamer the most comprehensive RPG site out there. I love RPGs. Don't you?

All you base are belong to us This is just here because it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Jirarudan Discovers Beanie Babies A WEIRD Pokemon roleplay I was in. Jirarudan is the psycho green haired collector guy from the second Pokemon movie. This epic will take you from a swap meet to the Survivor Island, from a Mental Hospital to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and from the Antiques Roadshow to the Beanie Buddy God of Destruction Beanie Buddy Ho-Oh talk show. Like I said. It's weird.

Escaflowne Fandub An Escaflowne Fandub I'm in. I'm playing the role of Gatti.
The Riciaverse Ricia's site! She's the semi powerful first member of the GPS and is a great inspiration to me. She's very creative. A must visit site.