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These are costumes that I'm thinking of doing some time or another. I think they'd be fun! The ones I'm most devoted to are at top.

Ken- Wiess Kruez

Ken rocks! Hell, all of Weiss Kruez rocks! I really would love to do this costume. Heck, I made one in five minutes on a bet, but then it was kind of pointless to wear at the con cuz it took no effort (says the girl going as Heero) but I may try to make a more accurate version one day, since this is my fave series.

Nataku- X/1999

CLAMP are gods. Nataku is a fave character of mine....but of course, I like everyone in X....cept Kotori...but anyway, Nataku may be part of a planned "Attack of the Silver Haired Bishonen" series.

Sephiroth- Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth is God.....I love Sephy. he's my overall fave Final Fantasy VII character! My god, I'd have to buy a wig and all sorts of stuff, but he's another plan in my "Attack of the Silver Haired Bishonen" series

Yukito- Cardcaptor Sakura

You guessed it! Another "Attack of the Silver Haired Bishonen" Yukito's a happy CLAMP yaoi boy! And as we all know, ANGELA LOVES YAOI!!!! Simple enough costume

Legato- Trigun

Yessire, we all love Legato, don't we? Hey, it's an excuse to carry food with me everywhere. Still this costume is a way out in left field idea.

Suu- Clover
I love Clover. It's my fave CLAMP series (closely followed by X/1999 and Cardcaptor Sakura) and Suu's such a sad character, but i love her. She's great.

I just noticed...there are only guys on this list, except for, let's throw some more girls in there and say Hitomi from Escaflowne and Yuzuirha from X just for the hell of it.