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Touya and Yukito

Aren't they cuuute? height=

Touya and Yukito are from the Clamp series Cardcaptor Sakura. Kid's WB did an awful dub (so I've heard. Haven't seen the original, but the dub is so scattered I don't watch it much) so I prefer to read the manga as put out by Mixx.
I love Clamp's work. Every single bit of it is wonderful. Wonderful story-lines, characters and they never fail to give us a pretty guy or five. ^_^ I think Touya and Yukito are the best couple ^_^

Why they're such a great couple

Reason 1- Look at them! They're cute. I know that's really shallow, but they are very cute together.
Reason 2- Come on, it's obvious. I picked up on their relationship in issue one of the manga. They're always seen together!
Reason 3- It's proven. Go to your local comic bookstore and pick up issue ten. There's a panel with a pretty background and Touya lovingly has his hand on Yuki's cheek. Now, if that doesn't scream something... In a later episode Yukito actually admits he likes Touya when Sakura asks him...oooh I can't wait to see how Kid's WB is gonna handle that! Honestly, do they know what's in these series when they pick them up?
Reason 4- THERE'S MERCHANDISE! I have a sticker of Touya leaning on Yukito (different pic than above) and there's a poster I wanna get that has Touya hugging Yuki. Very cute poster.

All right. Enough of my blabbing. I really like the couple ok? I'm gonna try to get some fanfic up here (nothing lemony. They're all the same)