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Fate, Ain't it a Bitch?

Welcome to my small shrine to the CLAMP masterpiece, X/1999. I've read a lot of the Manga (Girl at comic book store: JUST BUY IT ALREADY!!!!!! Me: I'm broke... Thankie thankie to Laurel who has the 6 translated and Kinokuniya Bookstores that had vol. 16) and I own the subtitled movie (With all it's errored goodness).

I really like this series. It's sad and tragic and makes me cry! It's also very bloody and violent. And full of hot guys. AND YAOI!!! heh heh sorry. ^_^() anyway...there are tons of X sites out why should this be any different? Well....
You know you like X/1999 too much when... open for submissions!
X the movie subtitle errors 7 words- All your base are belong to us
Shougo Asagi Replacement of Kakyo in the movie. So who the hell is he? We really don't I made it up.